Speed Reading Software Unleash your reading genius with RocketReader. FREE trial download. Try speed reading and advance in your career and studies today with RocketReader.

Lumina Decision Systems. Creator of Analytica software package for creating, analyzing & communicating quantitative business models.

Crystal Ball. Risk analysis, monte carlo simulations, forecasting & optimization.

GeekPhilosopher. Domain name registration, web hosting & email hosting services.

XLSTAT. An add-in for Microsoft Excel with 40+ analytical functions to facilitate statistical analysis.

Rundom. Software for randomization & bootstrap testing.

Nummòlt. New Stone Age Software: Tile manipulation via computer to teach math concepts, mathematical toyboxes, didactic mathematics & physics tools. An engaging & unique presentation. For windows freeware and shareware. Links, newsletter, tips.

Smart Science. Delivering innovative science curriculum to you with Internet technology.

Cradle Fields, Inc. Software for mathematics study & research work.

E-learning Solutions for Academic Users.

Anne & Bernard Scott. Physics, chemistry, psychology & general science software at high school through junior college level. Uses animation & graphics with minimal text to develop concepts.

Geometria. An interactive application for teaching & learning 3d geometry. Its comfortable graphic interface lets you perform various actions upon solids as if holding them in your hands.

BearEdu Technologies Educational Software. Tutorial software that uses animations & examples to teach the basic sciences & math. For high school through college level students.

Trachtenberg Speed Math. A software program based on Professor Jakow Trachtenberg's system to perform high speed mathematics. SmartDraw & SmartDraw Photo software for flowcharts, org charts, business diagrams; and for digital photo management, editing and sharing.

RFFlow Professional Flowcharting. Software for flowcharts, organization charts & diagrams for education, business & industry.

Grab It! Instead of using hardware, use this Excel-based software to digitize graphs. Supports log & linear charts. Free demo available.

MGCSoft Mathematical & Scientific Equation Illustrators. For line drawings, vector graphics & pictures on websites & printed pages.

English Plus. Help with spelling, grammer and College Entrance exams. Features the Grammer Slammer & Verbal Vanquish.

Rockware. Software for geology, petroleum, mining, gis & environmental earth scientists.

DPlot graphing software. For scientists, engineers & students. Features multiple scaling types as well as special purpose XY plots & contour plots of 3D data.

KaleidaGraph. Technical graphing, data analysis & basic statistics. Works with Excel, PowerPoint & more.

Spartan Software. Mathematics & science software for education. Also provides consulting in statistics & programming.

Empirisoft Research Software. Software for generating & running psychological experiments. Developers of MediaLab & DirectRT.

Ventura Educational Systems. Products for all ages in math & science; clip-art for teachers; multimedia development tools; staff-development tools. Academic discounts available.

Civilized software. Developers of MLAB, an advanced mathematical & statistical modeling system.

Ecological software solutions. Software for ecologists & resource managers.

Multivariate analysis & multivariate time series analysis.

AcaStat. A data analysis & teaching tool for producing statistics at school or work.

The institute for theory testing. Offers a software package for assessing whether individual-level data should be aggregated to the group level.

NLREG. A program for linear & nonlinear regression analysis & curve fitting.

RSD associates. Excel add-ins for DoE, SPC, R&R & multivariate analysis.

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