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Statistics and Computer Puzzler

  Mr Albright, Mr Bright and Mr Cleaver participate in the gameshow "Masters of Data," a cable-access program from Aurora, Illinois. The host asks questions about statistics, numbers, data analysis and computers. There are no fancy podiums, rather each contestant sits in front of a computer.

The rules
  • Each contestant starts with 500 points
  • The one with the highest score at the end is the winner
  • Contestants must answer all questions, but before hearing a question each must type a number into the computer that calculates his score
  • If the contestant gets the answer correct the number is added to his current score; if the contestant gets the answer incorrect the number is subtracted from his current score
  • For the first nine rounds each contestant may enter into the computer up to a maximum of half his current score; for the last round he may enter up to a maximum of twice his current score

The scores after 9 rounds

2300   Albright
3500   Bright
1900   Cleaver

The final round

The question is: "What does the computer acronym RAM stand for?"

Mr Albright's answer is "Random Access Memory".
Mr Bright types the number 3000 into the computer.
What answer does Mr Cleaver give (and what number does he type into the computer) to win the competition?



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