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Spirit of Tao Te Ching

Jeff Rasmussen

Individually hand signed, 1st edition.

Nisi Sunyyata, publisher
ISBN 0-9707843-0-9
112 pages
5.5" x 4.25"
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"A wonderful addition to the library of anyone interested in the Tao."

Po-Han Lin, Daoism Depot--the biggest most active Internet Daoism site
"A wonderful rendition of the spirit behind the Tao Te Ching"

Stephen Joseph, Assistant Dean Butler County Community College
"This is a lucid and easily accessible translation. It is a sharply-observed and fluidly poetic rendering of one of the world's classic texts."

Christopher Stokes,
St. Peter's College, Oxford University
"I really like the fact that this translation places more emphasis upon imagery and tone than punctuation and syntax. Too frequently, translations lose something in the move to the subject/verb/object format of English. Much of this translation stands out for that, and is an interesting bridge for those just beginning to see the genius of the ambiguity inherent in the original Chinese."

K.A. Lee
"...It is with more reading that a piece develops and lingers in the mind, asking and showing more. And that's what I'm also discovering with [Spirit of Tao Te Ching], though verses 4, 66, 68, and 70 leapt from the page for me with my first reading. [The] preface is wonderful... in that it helped me to better understand the language Tao Te Ching was originally written."

C. Speakman
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