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by Jeff Rasmussen, PhD

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 Here's a 3d rotating image* of the Chinese symbol tao,
its meaning in English is way or path, or simply tao...

chinese symbol for dao; translates to english word way

tao: Chinese symbols meaning way in  English

Here is another image of tao.

Chinese symbols meaning in English can be complicated. For example, an explanation of the chinese symbols meaning is given by renowned Psychologist, Carl Jung: "The character of tao in its original form consists of a head, which probably must be interpreted as beginning, and then the character for going in its dual form in which it also means track, and underneath, the character for standing still, which is omitted in the later way of writing.

The meaning in English, then, is that of a track which, though fixed itself, leads from a beginning directly to the goal. The fundamental idea is that the Tao, though itself motionless, is the means of all movement and gives it law."
from The Secret of the Golden Flower by Richard Wilhelm & Carl Jung

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*for those curious about its creation... I sketched the character in 2d, scanned it into a software package, extruded and skinned it in gold. To give it the apparent motion I took 36 pictures of it while changing a virtual camera in increments of 10 degrees.