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"Truth is a pathless land"
J. Krishnamurti

There are countless meditation techniques. You can recite mantras, attend to your breath, visualize a green goddess or thumb rosary beads.

There are countless opines about what technique is best, fastest or easiest.

"You need a teacher!!"   <==>   "You don' needa budda!!"
"Follow me up enlightenment hill!!"   <==>   "My guru can outmeditate your guru!!"

Someone told me, in all sincerity that her master was the best, because he guaranteed that she would pass through a minimum of one (1) plane of existence per lifetime and thereby reach the fifth (5th) plane of existence, which is the enlightenment plane, in only three (3) more lifetimes. Also, if you follow him, he'll start you at plane number two (2) so you get a jump on the competition.

I've always enjoyed reading Krishnamurti. Here's a skit I'll call...

Krishnamurti & me

Me: How should I meditate?

K: Let us consider your question, you and I; not just I but both of us together, for if it is just I then the answer will be but brutish mumblings, perverse incantations of hollow formulę, 'pale tales signifying nothing.' So I ask that you consider your question 'How should I meditate?' and look at your question from all perspectives: from the perspective of society and culture, from the perspective of men of good will and of single-celled amoebę and from the perspective of those stuffed and rigid souls who have no perspective.

And when you consider all these perspectives, I trust that you will see that I must remain silent, absolutely silent, not saying one word, not even thinking of not saying one word... for to answer your question is to generate an expectation that you might in error actually follow my instructions.

Me (dejected & walking away): Sigh...

K (handing me a book): Oh, do please take one of my books before you go.

I read the cover: J Krishnamurti's "Do not Read this Book", Volume 7