Taoism Beliefs

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Taoism is not
a salvific practice. There is nothing that one needs to be saved from and belief in Salvation would lead to belief in Damnation in the same manner as belief in Good leads to belief in Evil. Although they do not accept the false duality of Salvation vs Damnation, living simply in harmony with Te and Tao and not excessively pursing material wealth, stature or prestige will lead to a joyful life.

Contemporary Issues

Stances on abortion,
homosexuality, divorce, nonviolence and social betterment programs are not unambiguously stated in the ancient texts. One might be able to derive a position on these issues, but any such stance would be attenuated by the recognition that any stance is just a conceptual abstraction that has little usefulness. Taoism would see expressing traditionally male and female roles for both men and women as being more harmonious than artificial societal roles. Protecting nature is favored, though not by laws or injunction.



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