Where can I find the full Chinese alphabet?

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I have received a number of request for a list of the full Chinese alphabet. People have searched for a complete list of the letters of the chinese alphabet for as long as they've looked for a good 5 cent cigar.

What follows is a linguistic explanation about the Chinese alphabet. If you're more interested in artsy 3d rotating chinese characters, tattoo symbols, etc, take a look at these pages.

If by alphabet one means letters that make up Chinese words, then there isn't any; however, if one means the sounds that make up Chinese words, then there is an alphabet.

In English, in addition to the 26 letters of the alphabet we can talk about phonemes, which are word sounds. So, for example, the letter a has several phonemes associated with it: such as an aye sound like in bay, and an ah sound like in cat

Different letters also have different sounds depending upon which language is using them. For example, r is trilled in Spanish, while it is a gutteral sound in French.

...to be continued...




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