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This page and the next give a Chinese English translation of characters of the first five chapters of the tao te ching.

I have use Professor Richter's The Gate of All Marvelous Things in my literal translation of the tao te ching (Tao Te Ching Guidebook) and my figurative translation (Spirit of Tao Te Ching). If you'd like a basic set of xeroxed notes my Guidebook will serve; however, if you'd like something more extensive for a Chinese English translation, I'd suggest...

Chinese English translation of tao te ching
The Gate of All Marvelous Things
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"Professor Richter has provided an invaluable service to all who are interested in Classical Chinese. Whether you only want to check up on an occasional passage of the Tao Te Ching... or, learn Chinese inductively by memorizing an actual text... Richter's text will prove invaluable. Not only has he given us the Chinese graphs in a well-printed large clear font... but he also provides the pinyin transliteration for each graph, a detailed interlinear graph-by-graph gloss, and a final English translation."
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chinese english translation

Chinese English Translation



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